Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trio House Press Submissions open November 1

When I began Post Poetry MFA, I did so with a mission of providing information and encouragement to Poetry MFA graduates. Given that there exists only one tenured teaching position for every 100 MFA graduates, and that publishing one's manuscript many times takes years or decades (if ever at all) after graduation, many good writers are never able to fulfill their promising beginnings. Post Poetry MFA was begun because, as writers in the post-mfa world, it is difficult to find a formal support structure; most of the time all we have is ourselves. I hope our online community has given some of you the encouragement to continue writing regularly, and information about some opportunities to aim for. Unfortunately, there are far too few presses to publish all deserving manuscripts, and that is one of the biggest problems in getting one's first book published.

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to announce a new press that I have the privilege of being a part of: Trio House Press. A small group of my colleagues (namely, Tayve Neese, Dorinda Wegener and Lisa Sisler--all three members of Post Poetry MFA) and I are editors, and Steven Riel is a collective member. We have an advisory board that includes some of most renowned, award-winning mid-career poets writing today. And our first two judges, Ross Gay and Michael Waters, are sensational. Read their bios and check us out at, or simply click on the link to the left of this blog. Read our submission guidelines and submit your manuscripts to one or both of our upcoming contests (open November 1), depending upon whether you've published your first book, your second book, or no book at all. Also check us out on facebook.

More to come soon about the distinctive elements in Trio House Press that will expand the options you have as you seek a press to publish your manuscript...

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